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Joeybug's Fandom Writings

Fandom Witherings

Joey's Fandom Journal
6 January 1982
External Services:
  • joeybug_fandom@livejournal.com
~*~Joeybug’s Fandom Writings~*~

This is joeybug’s fandom journal. Inside are the fanfics she has written for various fandoms. They are all public entries so that everyone can enjoy her work. There are a few rules that you need to follow:

• Please don’t flame – if you have something to say to Joey, you can contact her through the message member function on LJ or e-mail her at the address listed.
• Please add her for regular updates.
• If you don’t like slash, don’t read.
• If you’re underage for reading NC-17, it’s best to not read this journal
• Certain people will be banned on sight. Only Joey knows who those people are!

~*~The Fandoms~*~

Busted This was a band Joey and her friends followed between 2002 and 2005 when they split up (*cries*). The members were James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson. Her main pairing was Bourne/Willis (also known as JayBourne.)
House M.D. A popular US TV programme staring Hugh Laurie as ‘House’ and Robert Sean Leonard as his best friend ‘Wilson’. Other characters are: Lisa Cuddy, Allison Cameron, Robert Chase and Eric Foreman. Her main pairing is House/Wilson,
NCIS A popular US TV programme about the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Characters include: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Ziva David, Abby Sciuto and Ducky Mallard. Her main pairing is Gibbs/DiNozzo.
CSI: Vegas A popular US TV programme about Crime Scene Investigators, there are two spin offs that she watches, but is not as interested in. The characters are: Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown, Sara Sidle, Greg Sanders, Dr. Al Robbins and Jim Brass. Her pairings are Gil/Nick and Nick/Warrick.
Torchwood A popular UK TV programme – a spin off from Doctor Who. The characters are: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato. Her main pairing is Jack/Ianto
Doctor Who A popular TV programme that has run (to date) for forty years. The most recent episodes star the tenth doctor played David Tennant. Her main pairing is Ten/? (anyone but Rose)

She is currently doing her own version of 100_situations. Using 102 word prompts split between six fandoms, so seventeen words for each fandom. The Prompt Table can be found here.


House M.D. is love.


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